Visio Divina

Perhaps you've heard of Lectio Divina... well on the farm we have grown more in the direction of Visio Divina. Where Lectio Divina encourages one to meditate on small portions of scripture, Visio Divina would have us instead focus on an inspiring image allowing prayers and thoughts to bubble up as we meditate on the meaning of the image.

These images and prayers have been cross pollinating 

on the farm for years and have finally grown into 

a form that is easy to give away.

The images have been harvested from the web and the prayers come from various faith traditions.  They've been cross pollinated and grown together for years here on the farm.  If you wonder how on earth a person who grew up in a tradition which never used prayer books or images wound up distributing hundreds of free prayer cards then click here to see How it Happened.

Most of these prayers have been recorded and can be downloaded if you like.  You'll have to click the links below the individual prayer card images below to find those files.

A note about copyrights: The goal is to support the artists that have created these beautiful images if at all possible and direct you to the sources of their work. Unfortunately the original artist is rarely known.  The intent has never been to resell their work for any profit (see Photon Farms Financials), but rather to freely bless others and give them little reminders to think about God and say a prayer.

Facing east in the Photon Farms studio.

Surrounded by a cloud of witnesses

who cheer us on with their prayers!

Perhaps you'll see an image as you stroll around the farm and say, "Hey I know about the artist that made that one!".  If you do, please contact Farmer Fred in the form at the right so we can give the proper credit and link to / support their work if they are still living.

If any of the little image/word combos below resonate with you, simply ask for what you want in the form to the right where it says "Contact Farmer Fred".  There is no charge for these little creations, but some people have asked if they can give something back or at least pay it forward so others can be blessed as well.  If that describes you then by all means do so by using the tool on the right.  Such generosity has funded special projects and gifts to worthy organizations like Amazon Relief.

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Staying in the Moment

Battle Prayers

Happy Birthday Church!

Transfer of Trust

The Illuminated One

I Surrender All

Eleventh Step Prayers

The Two Most Loving Hearts

Drink This - Not That

The Little Way

The Little Flower

Personal Prayer Paths

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