Two Hearts

This image speaks of the two most famous hearts on earth, at least if we measure how much attention has been given to emulating their qualities.  Long before I began praying anything like the prayer to the Sacred Heart of Jesus, I was asking God to give me a heart like His.  I saw how miserably short I fell to being loving like Him and I kept asking to have the same kind of love that He does.  Low and behold, I found that MANY other Christians have felt the same way and that there are volumes of books and hundreds of beautifully composed songs and prayers to that end.

The same is true with the Immaculate (pure) Heart of Mary.  What does that mean without waxing too theological?  It means that she completely trusts God, always has, always will.  She is a model of trust, faith, hope and love.  I believe she did it so well that we should all attempt to trust God, be surrendered to his will, receptive of his life giving love, etc. as she was and is to this day.

There is so much more to this but suffice it to say that I want to love like God loves, and for me, Mary leads the way in that so I look to her for guidance in how that is done - human to human.  I mean she is after all the quintessential spouse of the Holy Spirit that actually physically gave birth to God in the flesh.  True, God wants to marry ALL OF US... (Rev. 19:6-9) but Mary has a unique perspective on that marriage and can teach us all a little bit about trust.  Legend has it that she was so sure of her son raising from the dead (He did after all tell them He would) that she refused to leave the tomb and had to be gently removed.

Anyway, I want the absolute love and trust that these two hearts have so I often ask God for it.  I ask Mary to pray for it too.  Maybe that is too weird for some of you (I know it was for me for years!) but perhaps not.  If it helps one person it is worth sharing.  Peace.

Click here to download or listen to the Sacred Heart of Jesus prayer intoned.
Click here to download or listen to the Immaculate Heart of Mary prayer intoned.

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