How it Happened

Genesis to Revelation in one image!
Still my favorite album cover and one
of my all time favorite recordings.
Strangely enough, as I was growing up, access to soul touching images and words came mostly through my record collection.  Hours were spent pouring over beautiful album art and liner notes that often included extensive interviews and even at times sci-fi stories!

Daniel Amos' legendary Alarma
Chronicles, complete with sci-fi story!!
My faith journey exposed me to beautiful words in prayer as well, mostly through hymns and spiritual songs.  While I wasn't afforded ready access to the common images of the greater Christian community, I had rich enough fare.  Chart evangelists came through sometimes and  sparked my young imagination.  (See Clarence Larkin's Charts)  Again, hours were spent pouring over the amazing details in the colorful end-time maps.  Also, at times musicians would spice up their concerts with very cool video art (Daniel Amos and Mortal were great at doing this!) and somehow this all worked together to help me connect with God deeper.

It is only recently I have begun to embrace the vast deposit of images, lyrics and prayers of my entire faith tradition.  Instead of a once in a while artistic encounter, I now find myself surrounded with beautiful images and prayers.   Since this has happened I have felt more connected with a bigger heavenly family than I'd ever imagined.  I have even felt consoled and loved by the many people who composed the prayers and hymns and are represented in the images.  It was and still is so powerful!

St. Photini, also known as
"The Woman at the Well".
Her story spoke to me in recovery.
When something like this happens to me, it isn’t long before things cross pollinate and grow into something. The outgrowth of the past decade or so of contemplations, prayers and journaling can be seen in the little creations below.  I have found that they represent the longings of many human hearts.

How do I know this?  Well, as I encounter people day to day I try to listen to their heart’s longings.  When I resonate with them, it is only natural to share the beautiful images and words that have helped me connect with God and quench my own spiritual thirst.  If I have them handy I give them one of my little homemade prayer cards.  Other times I simply send them a link to an appropriate song or music video from my little online radio station/playlist:  Light My Way FM.

If any of the little image/word combos below resonate with you, simply ask for what you want in the form to the right where it says "Contact Farmer Fred" and I'll give you some... as many as you want and/or I can afford.  I don't charge for these little creations, but some people have asked if they can give something back or at least pay it forward so others can be blessed as well.  If that describes you then please do so by using the tool on the right.

Samples of prayer cards I give away
These prayers and images have been cross pollinating on the
farm for years and have finally grown into a form that
is easy to give away to others that find them helpful.
Notice that these are not the polished high quality prayer cards you see in religious book stores.  They are simply 4x6 photos with a printed sticker on the back.  Most of them I have set to a simple song or chant which you will eventually be able to download if you like.  I have harvested the images from the web and the prayers from various faith traditions.  I've cross pollinated and grown them together for years here on the farm.

Facing east in my studio.  Standing
in front of these images I feel
surrounded by the loving people
they represent.
A note about copyrights: The goal is to support the artists that create these beautiful things if at all possible and direct you to the sources of their work. Unfortunately the original artist is rarely known.  My intent is never to resell their work for any profit of my own (see Photon Farms Financials), but rather as I feel led to bless others I give them little reminders to think about God and say a prayer.

Perhaps you know about the artists that made some of the web harvested images below.  If you do, please let me know and I will link to their work online and promote it and give them the credit for the work.


Staying in the Moment

Battle Prayers

Happy Birthday Church!

Transfer of Trust (General)

Transfer of Trust (Personal)

I Surrender All

Eleventh Step Prayer

Eleventh Step Arrows

Drink This - Not That

The Little Way

The Two Most Loving Hearts

St. Therese of Lisieux

The Woman at the Well 
(aka St. Photini)

Personal Prayer Paths

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