The Little Way

The Little Way is one of the most popular icons and prayers grown on the farm.  Rumor has it the icon was created in Bulgaria (the Eastern Church would say it was 'written' there).  The little prayer on the bottom came from the lips of my granddaughter at age three when she was missing her Momma.  My Pastor pointed out that this phrase illuminates quite well the stupendousness of the Incarnation of Christ.  For he chose to say this... of His own good will he chose to need us forever and ever (Yes the same God who could have stayed eternally happy in the pure love of the Trinity).

The little prayer around the icon contains the three 'words' of our Mother Mary which can be used as a breath prayer.

Ecce: Behold here I am, no one of consequence...  (when lungs are empty)
Fiat:  Let it be to me as you have said...  (breathing in)
Magnificat:  Praise be to God for... well read the song of Mary, you'll get it... (breathing out)

The prayer on the back has been distilled from the consecration prayers of many Saints.  Fr. Michael Gaitley shares many of these in his books " 33 Days to Divine Mercy" and "33 Days to Morning Glory", books that are read on the farm every year.

Click here to download or listen to this prayer intoned.

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