Personal Prayer Paths

While there is much to be said in favor of praying with others in the written prayers the Church has produced, this certainly doesn't prohibit anyone from praying all day long with the prayers that bubble up in their hearts again and again.

Such is the little prayer path to the left.  It is personal and only shared as an example of what works for one soul as it reaches out to God moment by moment throughout the day.

It is only shared to show what works for that one soul and that soul doesn't expect it to work for anyone else.  We all are drawn to different aspects of God's love and have different heroes of the faith that we look up to.  That's ok!  In fact it is beautiful.

This particular prayer path is in flux, always changing to include prayers that bubble up.  Many of the images here are explained in the Images and Words section of this site.  Perhaps someday a recording of this path being walked will appear.  If it encourages one person to deepen their own walk with our Lord, it was worth including this.  God's peace to you!

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