I Surrender All

Surrender.  'Islam' in Arabic.  It is not only the key to anyone's recovery from addiction but also the bedrock of a true relationship with God.  That point where I say, "Ok, God, You are God and I am not!".  In 12 step groups it is the third step and is reworked moment by moment, one day at a time.

The icon which seemed to express this best is perhaps one of the most famous and oldest on earth.  It currently resides at St. Catherine's Monastery in Mt. Sinai.  It is called Christ Pantocrator which roughly translates, "Christ Ruler of the Universe".

It seems appropriate to bow in front of the ruler of the universe as a Christian and say this surrender prayer to Him, asking only for greater love for Him.  The St. Ambrose Prayer Book that this prayer comes from was edited and published by my former Pastor.  Many beautiful prayers come from that book!

Eastern Christians often use this icon as a focal point as they say the Jesus Prayer:

Lord Jesus Christ, Son of God, have mercy on me a sinner.

This prayer isn't about focusing on the words but rather is designed to keep our minds busy with calling simply on the name of Jesus in order to keep out other distracting thoughts.  It's a displacement prayer of sorts I suppose.  It takes much practice to get that going but can be extremely effective.

Both prayers can be heard on the farm often.  Perhaps they will resonate with you as well.

Click here to download or listen to this prayer being intoned.

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