Battle Prayers

One certainly need not be in recovery from compulsive behaviors to need battle prayers, but this card is designed with people like us in mind.

The first prayer was mostly written by Pastor Winfrey who is all about Ze Olde English and iambic pentameter and so on.  It fell to seed in the farm and grew to the form you see it in now.  It works for those that like that sort of thing.

The St. Michael prayer dates back to Pope Leo XIII in the late 1800s.  Many legends surround the original prayer (the here and in common use is abbreviated) but no matter which stories about it are actually historical, the prayer has become a favorite of many both inside and outside the Roman Catholic Tradition.  It is popular among soldiers going into battle and is often used by military chaplains in such a context.

A more visceral depiction
of St. Michael fighting
our enemy the devil.
The third prayer is homegrown on the farm.  It reveals the nasty underbelly of addiction: resentment, anger, hostility and the like, all of which are completely toxic to anyone in recovery.  The intention is to remind one to give people the dignity of their humanity instead of making them into monsters or enemies of any kind... in other words, let people be people, flawed and broken but human and worthy of respect and love.  Christ after all commands us to love our our enemies and pray for those that persecute us.

Lastly, the slogans are taken from The Big Book of AA and other twelve step literature.  They prove to be quite infectious and sometimes even transformative.

All of these prayers and slogans have in common the counterintuitive notion that in order to fight and win the battle we must surrender every thought of doing it on our power.  This is very much countercultural and so living in this manner takes a lot of reminding and reinforcement.  Such prayers get prayed and shared so much that it seemed smart to make this portable version of a small selection of favorites.  If it blesses and helps one person, it is more than worth it to include it here on the farm!

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