Our Mission

To provide education in the Christian faith with a special focus on the incarcerated in mind or body, on those recovering from addictions and those still out there with no recovery.


Taking a guitar and icons
into jail cultivates joy and wonder.
The way we see it on the farm is that God is the source of all truth, light, goodness, beauty, love and being itself. Our job here is to grow in all of that and channel it to others. 

"God is Beauty and the source of all Beauty," quips Farmer Fred. “So in a very real sense, beauty will save the world.” 

This isn't just some old farmer's strange notion either, it is based on his experience as he takes his guitar and icons into the local jail. While leading Bible Studies and delivering Holy Communion the music and the images electrify the conversation, ignite hope, cultivate wonder and make eyes shine with joy. 

"That is the Beauty of the Lord at work," says Farmer Fred who insists that it can't possibly be his modest musical skills or ability to layout images that causes this joyous response. 

"Nope!" says the farmer, "God grips hearts through true beauty and people are more hungry for it than ever before. I'm just a conduit for it, that's all."

What We Produce and / or Give Away

The farm produces Visio Divina cards and distributes them to chapels and churches locally. Many of our incarcerated friends and those in recovery also find them helpful. Farmer Fred also produces recorded prayers and occasional blog entries designed to encourage and enlighten those who visit the farm digitally. 

One of the things we give away
a lot on the farm - Chosen DVDs!
We also cannot help giving away good books and DVD's and other materials that help people grow in their faith and recovery... some books are shipped directly to our incarcerated friends. 

Our dream to provide scholarships for people in educational ventures has began on a small scale as well, helping them attend conferences and trainings that will help them flourish in their faith and recovery.

Remember, all produce on the farm is freely given and never for sale. We use the same
pay it forward model that the Chosen series does on a much smaller scale.

We don't keep secret how we spend our time and money on the farm. At the bottom of every page is a link to what we've produced and distributed in spreadsheet format. We started doing this years ago just to be transparent and will continue it faithfully now that we are a Non-Profit.

Photon Farms YouTube Channel

For you that would rather watch a video than read, here is the inaugural episode of the Photon Farms YouTube Channel. This Episode goes into Farmer Fred's love for cultivating joy in the jail ministry in which he is privileged to participate. God willing there will be more episodes in the future.

Future Hopes

Now that the farm is an actual 501(c)(3) Non-Profit Corporation, who knows what the Lord has in mind? Farmer Fred is currently pursuing training certificates in both Theology of the Body and Spiritual Direction. In sponsoring people in recovery, volunteering in prison ministry and in every day life, training in both of these areas will prove beneficial.

"If it please you Lord, live through me to serve others today" is Farmer Fred's first prayer in the morning. "We just want to do the next loving thing in every moment of every day. Maybe being a late bloomer and a life long learner isn't so bad for an old farmer like me after all."

Our board of directors is always willing to listen to feedback and suggestions. Please use the form to the right to send any message you like. May God bless you on your journey towards the light.

Remember, all produce on the farm is freely given
and never for sale. All donations to the farm
are tax deductible as we are a registered 501(c)(3).

If you've been blessed by our produce and would
love to make sure others get blessed too,
use the 'Donate' button below to pay it forward. 

Fiscal Transparency / Produce Distributed

you may send a check to Photon Farms.
Simply express your intention directly to us in 
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