A Note to Artists

Greetings all artists, this page is for you!  A special welcome to all who make beautiful visual art that draws us closer to God.  I am awed at your gifts, being myself a humble layout artist of sorts.  I am always amazed at the beauty of your work which I craft into various forms and distribute freely.  

I say 'freely' because I do this at my own expense and literally give it away.  (View my financials here.) My intent is to promote the work of the artists and direct people to the greater body of their work whenever I possibly can.

Unfortunately, with only a few exceptions, it is almost impossible to track down the artist who created any particular image.  When I do find them I always ask permission to continue spreading their good work around and I always link to their work on the web so people can support the artist directly.

Perhaps you are one of the artists who's work is represented in the prayer cards I distribute or is posted on this website somewhere and you'd prefer I didn't do that.  Please contact me in the form on the right I will remove your work immediately and stop distributing any associated prayer cards.  If you'd prefer I continue distributing the prayer cards and display your work here on the web but would like me to link to your entire portfolio I'm happy to do that as well.  

On the other hand, maybe you're an artist that doesn't see any of your work here but would love to have it promoted and distributed freely so as to lead people to your entire portfolio.  I'd sure like a chance to at least consider that!  Again, please reach me via the form on the right [Contact Farmer Fred].

Lastly, perhaps you've seen an image that I'm distributing and you know the artist behind the work.  If you wouldn't mind putting me in touch with that person so I can converse with them that would just be perfect!  Use the "Contact Farmer Fred" form on the right.

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