Thursday, January 12, 2023

Growing in Wonder

In our latest episode, we dive into what it means to grow in wonder. 

Farmer Fred is granted the rare privilege to go to the Wonder Conference hosted by Word on Fire, a ministry of Bishop Robert Barron. In anticipation of this event, he ponders what it means to be open to various disciplines of science and faith, open to how they inform one another and help us get a better grasp of reality.

There is an emphasis here on a Photon Farms home grown word: Femanemia. It is a word that indicates how much the world has suffered due to the neglect and outright oppression of the true feminine genius. These matters are close to the Farmer's heart and very difficult to express, but he gave it a go anyway.

As the farm produces more content, you will see this theme of the feminine genius informing how we grow things around here. Receptivity is the key, an open heart that is fearless of opposing views and welcomes conversation and healthy debate with everyone.

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